The law firm of Davidson, Jones & Summers, A Professional Law Corporation, was established in 1981 by Randall S. Davidson.  Allison Jones joined the firm in 1985, and Grant Summers joined in 1996. Julia Blewer, who has fifteen years in private practice, joined the firm in 2005, followed by Lake Hearne in 2009. Andrew Martin joined the firm in 2013. 

The firm maintains a general civil practice, with particular emphasis on oil and gas, corporate law, business transactions, Chapter 11 Reorganization and employment law. Our diverse client base includes companies and individuals with interests in the areas of healthcare, construction, oil and gas, banking, insurance, gaming and real estate. 

In the 30+ years of the firm’s existence it has developed a complex business and employment law practice. The firm has handled transactions having a value in excess of $100 Million and routinely handles new business start-ups and local transactions involving much smaller values. The firm has provided legal services in transactions from California to New York to Florida involving a wide range of projects from the acquisition of race tracks in New Mexico to offshore oil and gas platforms and mineral leases in California. The firm’s attorneys have an extensive practice in commercial lending. The firm has a solid reputation for delivering prompt, effective and high quality services to its clients. The firm holds the AV rating (highest possible) in the Martindale Hubble referral publication, the principal U.S. Lawyer Referral source, and is a selected member of the Bar Register of Preeminent Lawyers.


Areas of Practice

  • General Civil Practice
  • Products Liability
  • Commercial Litigation Practice
  • Employment Law
  • Business & Personal Planning
  • Transactional Practice 
  • Trademark
  • Employment Law 
  • Civil Rights
  • Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Reorganizations
  • Business Formation Mediation

Contact Us

Davidson, Jones & Summers 
A Professional Law Corporation 
509 Market Street, Suite 1000 
Shreveport, LA 71101 
Phone: (318) 424-4342 
Fax: (318) 226-0168
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